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We've picked our links to help you plan your visit and discover the charm and beauty of Magdalena and the surrounding areas.

City of Socorro
Not far from Magdalena is our sister community of Socorro. They consider us 'the village up the mountain'. We consider them our "suburbs". They get hot summers. It's cool up here and our air is clean too. It's a workable arrangement! {wink}
Historic Magdalena
Our Village site is great with tons of good links. There's more history here than you can shake a stick at. There's even 3 ghost towns nearby. Did you know the last real cattle drive in the U.S. happened here in the 70's? Folks here recall it well.
Steppin' Out New Mexico
Arts Entertainment & Tourism Guide and our web host too!
Alamo Navajo Chapter
30 miles northwest of town is the Alamo Navajo Community. It's a village with a long history and strong heritage. Locals produce lovely craft items at fair prices. Visit them. You'll be glad you did. Buy gas before you go. They have no gas there!
Cibola National Forest
Around these parts some believe if you live a good life, pray every day and go to church on Sunday, when you die you'll go to Water Canyon. If it's not heaven on earth, it's pretty darn close. Come see for yourself. You may never want to leave!
New Mexico Dept of Tourism
They don't say much about Magdalena. How would they know? If they knew the whole story, they'd probably raise our taxes.
Southern New Mexico On-line
Another good source for New Mexico tourism information.
New Mexico Tech
Our state's top Science & Engineering Research University is just 25 minutes away. Visit this link and the 3 below to see why we say that.
Very Large Array Radio Telescope
The world famous VLA radio telescope and astronomical observatory is just 22 miles from The Western. It's managed by a university consortium through New Mexico Tech. Carl Sagan's movie "Contact" was partly filmed here.
Magdalena Ridge Observatory
A New Mexico astronomical first! A 2.4 meter telescope designed to track near earth objects, asteroids, satellites, rockets & missles is less than 20 miles from The Western. It's also managed by New Mexico Tech.
Langmuir Laboratory
Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research - a research facility that studies the formation of lightning - is just 17 miles from The Western. You guessed it. It's also managed by New Mexico Tech!

Bosque del Apache
Friends of the Bosque
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is a gem. The Western is just 35 minutes from the Bosque.

Photographer's Guide to New Mexico
No set of New Mexico links is complete without a link to a great photography site. Philip Greenspun is a talented photographer and computer science professor at MIT. We love his New Mexico photos. You will too. Enjoy!
NM Wildlife Areas
Gorp provides lots of useful information about what you can do around New Mexico. You'll find this a helpful site.
Hunting Information
This site tells you when, where and what you can hunt in our state. Contrary to popular belief we don't hunt tourists here. There's laws against it. And we consider it a waste of good bullets. They're too darn tough to eat!
Bat Caving
Hidden out in the San Augustin Plain 22 miles west of Magdalena and south of Hwy 60 is a big bat cave. We've never been there cause bats drive us buggy. Check the village of Magdalena site. They know about the bat cave.
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